Marie Stopes International

Creating a one-stop resource hub to help save lives around the world.

The challenge

Build a beautiful, engaging and functional site to host a wealth of healthcare information without the use of pictures.

The outcome

A fully illustrative resource hub used around the world to improve women’s healthcare.

A global task

As one of the world’s leading charities, Marie Stopes International operates in 37 countries providing access to healthcare for millions of women every year. They asked us to build an end-to-end resource hub for everyone working in the field, from service providers to MP’s.

Designing for all

The purpose of SafeAccess was to provide factual healthcare information to all who needed it. Therefore we designed the SafeAccess hub with accessibility in mind and created an easily navigable site, which displays the life-saving information clearly.

Fully illustrative site

Due to the sensitive nature of the information and the intended global use of the site, it was clear that using pictures was not an option. Instead, our inhouse team created bespoke illustrations and iconography to produce an attractive and engaging site.

We used the latest version of Umbraco to future-proof the SafeAccess site and ensure any updates could be completed seamlessly.

Using Vue.js gave us the freedom to make the site look great while allowing for exceptional speed and performance.

We used Microsoft Azure to host the site as it gave us the ability to build quickly and securely.

Using Sketch ensured our design team could create stunning digital artwork in a tight timeframe.


We produced a beautiful website providing a much-needed educational resource on time and in budget.

SafeAccess was well received by all partners and has been helping healthcare providers, government officials and local practitioners to further their knowledge since its launch. The SafeAccess site plays an important role in helping Marie Stopes International to fulfil their commitments to the worldwide Family Planning 2020 partnership and further women’s healthcare all over the world.

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