Disrupting the coffee vending sector with bespoke product UI and exceptional user experience.

The client

Matthew Algie is a renowned and trusted provider of high-quality coffee products and services. With an impressive track record of over 150 years in the industry, they offer the widest range of commercial coffee machines in the UK and Ireland, catering to the diverse needs of cafés and hospitality businesses.

The challenge

The objective was to develop a cutting-edge, customised gourmet vending machine interface with bespoke animations so that customers can enjoy a premium coffee experience while on the go.

The solution

The bespoke UI provided a unique, entertaining, and innovative user experience for customers, enhancing their coffee ordering journey.


Food and drink

Retail and e-commerce

Excellent UI design

A minimalist, pastel colour palette was chosen to complement the earthy tones of the product photography. Matched with a hand-rendered typographic style, this combination created a contemporary and artisanal feel throughout the interface.

Bespoke photography and iconography

To achieve a contemporary aesthetic, we carefully selected colour backgrounds and employed a ‘flat lay’ style of photography for the interface. Additionally, to enhance the overall design, we crafted unique iconography that perfectly complemented and elevated the UI and animations.


Our team developed a series of animations that beautifully depicted the machine's internal workflow and the process of drink preparation. By precisely timing the animations to align with the machine's pour sequences, sounds, and physical output, we ensured a seamless and immersive experience for users.

Branding for M&S

After Matthew Algie secured a partnership with M&S, we updated the user interface design to align with M&S’s branding for a seamless in-store experience, including the typography and colour palette.

This served as a true test, demonstrating the interface's versatility in accommodating different branding requirements.

Having commissioned Screenmedia on other projects in the past, we chose to return to them for our Halo coffee vending machine. They were prepared to take a proactive approach that combined our coffee expertise with their experience in UX, contemporary graphic design, and animation. Screenmedia had an intuitive understanding of what we were looking for and worked effectively and professionally as part of a team of local and national project development
Cristy Hardgrieves

Matthew Algie


Combined with the hardware designed by Filament PD, our solution successfully delivers an engaging and informative experience for customers when ordering high-quality coffee. As a result, Matthew Algie subsequently entered trial phases with clients and secured partnerships with several companies, including M&S and Morrisons.

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