Increasing online sales conversion and minimising sales friction through customer experience consultancy, design, prototyping, and user testing.

The client

Corgi is a leading provider of boilers and insurance services. With the backing of the Ovo Group, Corgi offers a wide range of high-quality boilers for residential and commercial use, coupled with insurance coverage to safeguard customers against potential boiler-related issues.

The challenge

Faced with significant drop-off rates in the sales process, Corgi was actively seeking to improve conversion rates through a UX redesign.

The solution

A seamless and user-tested revamped sales funnel that effectively promoted cross-selling and fostered improved user engagement.

Tackling low sales conversion

Despite receiving substantial traffic, predominantly from comparison sites, Corgi faced a customer experience challenge as their website struggled to effectively convert this traffic into new customers. They sought assistance from Screenmedia to address this issue.

Diagnosing the problem

We conducted an audit of their online sales process and swiftly pinpointed and addressed issues at critical drop-off points, which were a result of inadequate UX practices. Leveraging Corgi's extensive audience and demographic research, we developed comprehensive user personas and translated them into adaptable and inclusive wireframes and designs.

Validating through user testing

Based on our designs, we developed clickable prototypes and enlisted a group of user testers via our project partner, User Vision, who closely matched the detailed personas we had created. Through comprehensive testing and feedback, comparing the results against a control group tested on the existing site, we successfully demonstrated a significant reduction in drop-offs and a notable increase in conversions – achieving the desired outcomes for Corgi.

Combining brands and cross-selling

During the project, one additional challenge arose: integrating Corgi's separate offerings of boiler sales and insurance into a cohesive customer experience. To tackle this, we implemented a revised sales process that intelligently cross-promoted both propositions.


Our revised sales process intelligently cross-promoted Corgi's core propositions, with the objective of boosting the average customer value and decreasing the cost of acquisition.

Following the completion of our CX consultancy project, Corgi opted to internally undertake the development of the solution, allowing them to realise our design vision.

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