Redefining Thredd’s web presence to align with their innovative rebrand, propelling their ambitious growth plans.

The client

Thredd, formerly GPS Processing, is a leading payment software provider, processing billions of transactions each year. Supporting the monumental rise of fintech challengers and technology leaders across the world, Thredd are positioned at the centre of the finance ecosystem with a diverse team of payment experts, powerful processing platform, and growing partner network.

The challenge

Help an emerging software leader stand out in a crowded field and announce themselves as a global player.

The solution

A reimagined web presence successfully introducing their new brand to the market, differentiating Thredd in a crowded and competitive industry, and positioning their brand to enter new markets.

Working with a new brand in the digital space

Following a recent funding round and a significant rebrand, Thredd approached us with the aim of rejuvenating their web presence.

Thredd recognised that their existing website fell short in effectively communicating their evolving products and services as their product mix had outgrown the site's capabilities. This limitation hindered audience understanding and failed to cater to important customer segments, such as developers and product owners, who we discovered had a lot of influence in the decision-making process of selecting a partner.

In light of these challenges and amidst their ongoing brand overhaul, we collaboratively worked with Thredd’s team to reimagine their web presence to help establish their new brand and proposition in the market.

Meeting challenges head on

To tackle the identified challenges, we began with an in-depth exploration of Thredd’s business, market, and target audiences. This thorough understanding served as the foundation for the subsequent phase of UX and design.

Our focus was on resolving issues such as improving the connection between new leads and sales representatives, enhancing recruitment engagement to support the company's rapid workforce growth, and creating user journeys that effectively guided customers through product and service explanations, aligning with their unique contexts. Using an iterative process, we unravelled these challenges and devised innovative solutions to meet Thredd's specific needs.


The first phase of the website relaunch went live in April 2023, receiving positive feedback from Thredd's workforce and the wider market. Our collaborative approach resulted in a website design that is flexible, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. This revamp has provided Thredd with a solid digital foundation and an improved digital experience to support their expansion plans.

Looking to the future, we continue to work with Thredd on subsequent design and development phases, supporting their growth journey.

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