Redefining the brand identity and web experience for a growing trust and safety company

The client

Pasabi is a trust and safety platform that uses AI behavioural analytics and network science to tackle online fraudulent behaviour. Their software solutions apply machine learning technology to very large data sets, and use clustering technology to identify a wide range of illegal and harmful activities. Their brand and visual identity required updating and modernisation to help Pasabi on the next phase of business growth. Screenmedia partnered with Pasabi, refreshing their brand and building a new website on the Webflow platform.

The challenge

The primary challenge faced in this project was to visually represent the sophisticated technology and intricate processes employed by Pasabi in identifying fake users across various online platforms. The task involved encapsulating the essence of clustering technology and AI behavioural analytics into a brand identity that would not only convey the company's expertise but also resonate with its target audience. Additionally, we needed to create a website that not only showcased the company's capabilities but also offered a seamless user experience to visitors, facilitating easy navigation and comprehension of complex technical concepts.

The solution

To address the challenge, Screenmedia embarked on a comprehensive process that began with in-depth research into the company's technology and its competitive landscape. Leveraging our expertise in branding and visual communication, we crafted a new brand identity. This included a distinctive logo design, colour palette, typography, and visual elements that symbolised the innovative approach to combating fake users. For the website, we utilised the Webflow platform to develop a responsive, visually compelling interface that effectively communicated the company's value proposition while ensuring intuitive navigation for users. By seamlessly integrating design and technology, we delivered a solution that not only met the client's objectives but also positioned them as a leader in the field of trust and safety.


For the branding work, Screenmedia embarked on a journey to encapsulate the cutting-edge nature of Pasabi’s technology while ensuring its visual representation was both captivating and authoritative. Through extensive research and collaborative sessions with the client, we crafted a brand identity that spoke volumes about the company's expertise in the use of clustering technology and AI behavioural analytics. The logo, a focal point of the branding, was meticulously designed to convey the processes that power the platform’s technology. We developed a versatile secondary colour palette that could be used to portray the different sectors and use cases of the Pasabi platform. Additionally, we established brand guidelines to maintain consistency across all touchpoints, ensuring a unified and memorable brand experience for all audiences. This comprehensive branding approach not only resonated with the client's vision but also positioned them as a formidable force in the the trust and safety space.


The primary purpose of the website was to educate potential customers and serve as a tool for lead generation and customer outreach. Pasabi aimed to preserve and integrate their existing HubSpot CRM while achieving a modern feel that would set them apart from competitors. The site was built using Webflow, a no-code web builder, reducing development costs and delivering a highly interactive and engaging website aligned with the principles of the new visual identity. Webflow also provided additional levels of customisation and control, including integration of custom code, a feature challenging to achieve in other no-code web solutions."

Application of the brand

Screenmedia worked with the team at Pasabi to roll-out the new visual identity across all channels. We initiated the implementation by integrating the new brand elements across digital platforms, including the company's website and social media profiles. This involved ensuring that the logo, colour palette, typography, and visual assets were seamlessly incorporated into the digital assets while maintaining optimal visual appeal and functionality. Throughout the rollout process, we collaborated closely with the client to ensure alignment with their vision and objectives, while also providing guidance on best practices for brand implementation.


The refreshed brand identity has garnered widespread recognition and resonated strongly with the target audience, portraying the company as a credible and innovative leader in the field of trust and safety. The cohesive visual identity and messaging facilitated better brand recall and enhanced brand perception among existing and potential clients. Moreover, the redesigned website on the Webflow platform offered a seamless user experience, which Pasabi are able to easily update and maintain. The enhanced brand presence and user-friendly website not only bolsters the company's reputation but also positions them for sustained growth and success in the competitive landscape of online security and fraud detection.

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