A cross-platform ticketing app for the world’s largest arts festival, integrating with complex services to deliver an excellent user experience

The client

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, held annually in August in Edinburgh, is the world's largest arts festival featuring over 3,000 shows across 300+ venues. It offers a vibrant display of diverse performances including theatre, comedy, dance, music, and more, attracting artists and audiences from around the world. With its inclusive open-access policy, the festival provides a platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their talents and contribute to this celebrated cultural event.

The challenge 

Overhaul the Edinburgh Fringe app to bring in a fresh and modern new user interface and provide festival goers with the best experience possible.

The outcome 

A technically complex and beautifully designed app met with rave reviews and that delights users.


Media and entertainment

Retail and e-commerce

The ultimate festival companion

With around 50,000 performances, we made sure they could be categorised using a long list of partners, and built a filtering system which was both exhaustive but could also satisfy the casual browser

Beautifully simple

We crafted a clean, bright, upbeat interface which conformed to best practice and looked and acted natively on both iOS and Android platforms.


We delivered a cost efficient and future proof platform for Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society to build on using Xamarin.

By using the powerful Xamarin cross-platform development suite, we were able to cut the cost of developing the app without compromising on a native, high-quality user experience.

“From the outset we were impressed by Screenmedia’s creative approaches to the technical and design challenges, and they have created a technically proficient app with a contemporary design and refreshing user interface.”

Elizabeth Burchell

Head of Marketing at Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society


Since launch, the app has garnered rave reviews and users have responded to the slick yet simple navigation within the app with glee.

In overhauling its app, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has succeeded in keeping its offer current and modern, taking advantage of market-leading technology and meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The Edinburgh Fringe app complements and enhances the festival's position as a world leader in arts and achievement, with more than 2,000,000 user sessions expected in the month of August.

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