A modern and compelling website with a powerful multi-lingual CMS to support ClientEarth in creating meaningful change.

The client

ClientEarth is a renowned environmental law charity operating in over 50 countries, with the majority of its 250+ team legally trained. Committed to their mission of using the power of law to drive systemic change, they tackle the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Through the development of practical solutions and by empowering communities, partners, and organisations, ClientEarth equips stakeholders with the tools they need to drive impactful change from within existing systems.

The challenge

Drive audience engagement by bringing the ClientEarth brand to life through captivating and emotive design.

The solution

A visually compelling, multilingual website that effectively positions ClientEarth to a global audience.


Charities and non-profit

Energy and utilities


We initiated the project with collaborative stakeholder workshops, which served as the cornerstone for our approach. These workshops delved into customer insights, fostered ideation, facilitated knowledge sharing, and established clear objectives.

Despite kicking-off the project in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, we successfully conducted remote workshops using Miro, a leading digital collaboration platform. Subsequently, we conducted a comprehensive content and information architecture (IA) audit, streamlining the complex multilingual sitemap into a user-friendly journey for diverse audiences.

Communicating the vision

It was crucial to ensure that the website clearly conveyed ClientEarth's strong brand messaging and unique purpose, differentiating them from other charities. To achieve this, we designed an engaging intro screen for first-time users, enabling us to swiftly communicate their distinctive proposition. This simple yet effective approach effectively engages new users with ClientEarth's core proposition and values.

Design that scales

Our design and site structure are built upon optimised wireframes, ensuring a seamless user journey throughout the website. Given the abundance of content, we approached navigation design with careful consideration, implementing effective techniques such as anchoring and tabbed menus to streamline the architecture and enhance user experience.

Digital style guide

Collaborating closely with ClientEarth, we developed a comprehensive digital style guide that establishes a consistent and engaging identity across all digital channels. From a fresh and contemporary colour palette to a suite of custom iconography, our goal was to embody the essence of the ClientEarth brand throughout.


We used the latest best practice development technologies to create a robust, secure, and scalable global site for ClientEarth.


To meet the requirements of multiple sites and languages, we leveraged the latest release of Umbraco, implementing a scalable solution with automatic content translation. This empowers ClientEarth to manage multiple websites from a single CMS instance, significantly reducing content management time.

Azure Search

Delivering relevant content to users was a key aspect of the project. By harnessing the power and speed of Azure Search, users can dynamically search a range of content, including news articles, resources, and rich content pages, without compromising performance.


ClientEarth is an ambitious charity with a profound ethos and purpose. Through our close partnership, we have developed a website that more accurately reflects their exceptional achievements and effectively communicates the significance of their work.

Screenmedia is committed to fostering a long-term partnership with ClientEarth, supporting their future campaigns and broader digital ambitions. This project was a significant accomplishment, particularly considering the challenges of remote collaboration during the lockdown, demonstrating that successful outcomes can still be achieved under such circumstances.

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