A new site and brand for a charity focused on ambitious growth.

The client

Enable is a health and social care charity based in Scotland. They provide support and services to individuals with learning disabilities, with a focus on empowering and improving their well-being. Through their three pillars, Enable Communities, Enable Cares, and Enable Works, they deliver comprehensive assistance and foster inclusivity for people, employers, and communities.

The challenge

Revitalising Enable's brand identity and website to foster growth and expansion while maintaining a loyal membership base.

The solution

A dynamic and user-centric website that positions Enable as an ambitious UK charity, catering to diverse target audiences effectively.

Ambitions of growth

Enable approached Screenmedia to help them achieve two primary objectives. Firstly, they aimed to modernise their outdated branding and website, giving them a more contemporary image and enhancing the user experience.

Secondly, Enable aspired to expand their services from Scotland to the entire UK, which required a brand and website that could effectively communicate this broader focus.

Understanding Enable’s services

We began by understanding Enable's unique structure, consisting of three pillars: Enable Communities (formerly Enable Scotland), Enable Cares, and Enable Works.

Each pillar catered to a distinct aspect of the charity, ranging from fundraising to service delivery, and possessed its own brand identity within the overarching organisation. The website required a design that could effectively accommodate all three pillars, maintaining coherence throughout the site while also differentiating the three aspects of Enable's operations with minimal overlap.

Engaging a loyal membership

Enable's members, the individuals it serves, often have deep personal connections to the charity and its brand. Recognising this, we endeavoured to engage this audience by involving them in every stage of the rebranding process.

Through a series of workshops, including dedicated sessions with members, we actively sought feedback to address their concerns and considerations throughout the project. Our goal was to strike a balance between refreshing the brand and website while preserving Enable's loyal support base.

We also collaborated closely with the client to gain a comprehensive understanding of their services, ensuring that website users could readily grasp a clear and accurate understanding of Enable's offerings.

Building a new brand around members

We embarked on an iterative process of ideation and conceptualisation to explore potential new brand directions. Gathering valuable feedback from both Enable and its members, we transformed these ideas into a comprehensive brand identity that provided consistency for the charity as a whole, while allowing for differentiation between the three pillars.

We then translated this brand and organisational structure into an information architecture and design that aligned with both Enable's internal objectives and the users' needs. Following the design phase, we built the website using the open-source Umbraco 10 CMS.


Enable now possesses a vibrant, modern brand identity and market positioning, enabling them to engage new audiences across the UK effectively.

Since its launch, the website has recieved positive feedback from Enable staff and members alike. We continue to collaborate closely with the charity, implementing enhancements and exploring new opportunities to deepen engagement with Enable's audience. We are also working together to develop future-oriented digital services that will support Enable in realising their ambitious goals.

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