Designing a contemporary software platform for a global leader in HR services.

The client

SD Worx is a global provider of human resources (HR) and payroll services, offering comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes and serving over 5 million employees every month. With a focus on technology-driven HR solutions, SD Worx helps organisations streamline their HR processes, manage payroll efficiently, and navigate complex compliance requirements, empowering businesses to effectively manage their workforce and drive success.

The challenge

A complete UI redesign of SD Worx payroll service, improving customer satisfaction and accessibility while staying true to the SD Worx brand.

The solution

A beautifully designed, user-centred payroll service which has been delighting users all around the world since its launch.

Design thinking principles

In close collaboration with a team from SD Worx, we adopted design thinking principles and executed a series of phases encompassing discovery, ideation, design, and measurement. This approach aimed to enhance user journeys and address pain points during the overhaul of their payroll service.

Prototyping new ideas

Through user observation and surveys, we gained valuable insights into the intricacies of SD Worx's software. Transforming these insights into interactive prototypes, we conducted user testing to refine and optimise the design, ensuring that the redesigned payroll service was intuitive and exceeded user expectations.


Building upon the success of our initial collaboration with SD Worx, we have established an ongoing partnership to provide UX/UI consultancy and contribute to the feature development of their next-generation payroll products.

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