Britvic Sensational Drinks

Supporting one of the UK’s largest distributers of soft drinks and mixers with their new business offering.

The challenge

Support Britvic in building a direct relationship with bars, restaurants, and business owners.

The outcome

A resource hub and ecommerce platform offering small businesses the resources, guidance and tools they need to grow.

Thoughtful UX/UI design

Keen to create a platform that appealed to business owners, our design and planning teams worked to deliver a site that sets Britvic apart as a supporter of small businesses.

Bespoke graphics

With such a vast array of products and recipes, we supported Britvic in creating bespoke and beautiful graphics that showcased the high quality of their offering.

Enhanced ecommerce functionality

We integrated the site with Ucommerce, one of the leading ecommerce platforms, to give Britvic more flexibility in working with their products.

Brand guidelines

From creating their new logo to defining their tone of voice and colour palette, we helped Britvic define the brand for sensational drinks and provided them with a set of brand guidelines for them to use in future.


To enhance Britvic’s website and allow them to manage their commerce needs from within the Umbraco CMS, we integrated their solution with Ucommerce.

The Britvic site is built using the flexible, scalable and robust CMS, Umbraco 7. This provides content editors and publishers full autonomy over their website content management.

As one of the leading ecommerce platforms, we integrated the Umbraco CMS with Ucommerce to offer Britvic an easy to manage and high quality commerce section, giving them more flexibility in working with their products.


Our resulting solution is a beautiful resource hub and ecommerce platform with a range of product trials and recipes, as well as guides on helping business owners grow their business, setting Britvic well on their way to reach their ambitious goals.

Britvic's new Sensational Drinks website has allowed them to reach their goals of creating a direct relationship with small business owners, and given Britvic the opportunity to help businesses grow in success thanks to their vast array of resources. We were delighted to help Britvic in their endeavour, and look forward to continue working together on future digital projects.

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