A cross-platform application using innovative technology to keep employees safe in real-time

The challenge

Enhance Vodafone’s Travel Security database through a Call Check System, ensuring the safety and security of staff working around the world.

The outcome

An innovative web application that allows Vodafone’s security personnel to monitor staff located in some of the world’s most dangerous regions in real-time.

Map view

The management Information System (MIS) shows employee locations around the world through labeled pins on the Google Map, allowing Vodafone's security team to see the number of employees within a specific country at a glance.

On selecting a map pin or an employee in the list, additional information on the employee is available via a pop-up card containing name, location, contact details, hotel name, contact number, and external links for additional information on the employee and their trip. These can also be filtered by employees, employees by name, city or country.

Check Call System and alerts

The Check Call System (CCS) allows operators to view and update each check call’s status, with visual and audible alerts programmed to occur in response to serious security events.


The application also includes reporting functionality for online and offline usage, from the number of check calls by destination, to trips booked by CSAR rating.


The Management Information Portal pushes real-time data from Vodafone’s staff to their security team the second it becomes available.

An innovative security web application, the Management Information Portal has not only improved the accuracy and immediacy of data received, but also plays a key role in keeping Vodafone employees safe and accounted for across the globe.

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