Virgin Money

A multi-year partnership to help the UK's 6th largest bank modernise its customer experiences and shape the future of digital banking.

The challenge

Virgin Money needed to improve the customer experience across a wide range of digital channels. They needed an agency that specialised in Design Thinking, was expert in multi-channel design, and capable of enterprise technology innovation.

The outcome

We created a range of web, mobile and AI based solutions designed to simplify the use of open banking, offer easy-to-use mortgage calculators, and enhance the retail high street banking experience.

Innovation Consultancy

Virgin Money does things differently; it loves to disrupt the status quo. Our UX and UI strategists and planners work closely with the innovation team at Virgin Money to bring a strategic, visionary approach to digital transformation. Through our innovation consultancy we have helped Virgin Money to imagine brand new online customer experiences, and create more seamless customer interactions.

Accessing banking services with Voice

Virgin Money wanted to explore the potential of voice technology in retail customer banking. Working closely with the bank’s innovation teams, we developed a prototype voice skill for Amazon Alexa which proved the potential for voice access to information and account transactions including the ability for customers to ask for their balance, discover what dates bills or standing orders were coming out of their accounts, and how much they spent on a range of expenditure types within a given timeframe.

The resulting solution successfully proved the use cases and technical feasibility of this new customer interface, in readiness for required future UK legislative change that will enable secure voice transactions.

Studio B: a new retail banking proposition

We worked with the Virgin Money Studio B team to develop a new type of branch – a creative, interactive and community-focused space designed to revolutionise how people experience banking services. The idea was to create a space far from a normal branch experience; a place that would foster collaboration and learning, helping customers explore how to balance life and money.

Studio B opened in 2017 and featured a voice skill we designed and developed to enhance this new branch customer experience.

Simplifying mortgage calculations

Our work with front-end UI and application design of Virgin Money’s mortgage calculators exemplifies the value our team can bring to help modernise and improve the user experience of vital, but overtly complex and difficult online applications.

Delivering quality at speed

To support Virgin’s aspirations to deliver a set of new communication channels for their customers, we created a cross-functional Agile team that integrated fully with Virgin’s existing 600+ development team.

Throughout the project we provided technical architecture, design, development and testing capabilities to Virgin Money, allowing them to increase the velocity of their programme delivery and successfully meet their ambitious timescales.


Our relationship with Virgin Money has grown from a single project to encompass a close partnership for planning, design, and technical innovation. We are proud to support Virgin Money’s industry leading approach to banking innovation and customer excellence.

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