Scottish Ambulance Service app

Giving frontline staff lifesaving information in the right place at the right time with an on-board service app

The challenge

Develop a Directory of Services application for ambulance staff to serve up critical information quickly and easily during emergency situations to guarantee the high standards of patient care across the nation.

The outcome

A highly effective tablet app that has increased service delivery and standard of care during an initial national trial, and following this success, the app is set for further enhancements to increase frontline care dramatically over the coming years.

Intuitive design

We provided a natural, intuitive, and easy to use interface to allow SAS staff to quickly find and act upon the wide range of information provided in the app.

By following best practice UX and design guidelines we were able to deliver a clear, colourful, and contemporary app interface within which critical information was easy to read and sections simple to navigate in any environmental condition, situation, and in any vehicle.


Initially developed for Windows-based tablets, the powerful Xamarin cross-platform app development suite allowed us to future proof the app.

Using Xamarin allowed SAS to cut the cost and time required to expand the app to new devices and platforms without compromising on high quality native performance and user experience.


Built for Windows tablet, the app allows SAS staff to access a wide array of regional healthcare information, hospital specialities, clinical guidelines, and patient pathways on the go.

Following the successful national trial of the app with the Service’s multi-vehicle based workforce (including their Air Ambulance division) we were commissioned to add new features and expand the app to new platforms. In doing so, the number of SAS crews that benefit from the app when providing frontline care will continue to increase.

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