MSI Country Programme

A global multi-site solution to support family planning service provision worldwide

The challenge

To allow national operations to set up and manage their own client facing websites, all managed from a single core platform.

The outcome

A global, multilingual multi-site solution, providing family planning services to women in over 20 countries across every continent.

Flexible, exemplary design

The site’s design complements the corporate site while resonating with a different core audience, with exemplary UX design to be easily understood by people from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


We created a set of bespoke icons to be used across Marie Stopes’ sites, making their services easily and uniformly recognisable to users.

Challenging conditions

We developed their site in consideration of their users’ limited access to the internet, capable of delivering a slick, modern design and experience smoothly over 2G and 3G internet connections.


Housing dozens of individual sites, each with their own requirements and languages, required extensive, bespoke augmentations to MSI’s CMS.

Our extensive expertise in integrating 3rd party technologies with Umbraco allowed us to give MSI the tools they need to reach a global audience no matter their access point, all from a single core platform.

We augmented the Umbraco CMS through a Vorto integration, giving their site multilingual capabilities to reach audiences in French and Spanish speaking countries.

With many countries relying on directions to their centres rather than fixed addresses, we integrated the site with Google Maps to give the GPS coordinates of centres, and customised it to match the MSI brand.

We enhanced their CMS with Zendesk live chat, allowing MSI to provide users around the world with live chat support.


Our relationship with MSI has continued to grow, with new design, development, and strategic digital transformation projects helping to maximise the impact that the organisation has in supporting women and families across the globe.


country programme websites across 5 continents

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