Matthew Algie

Disrupting the coffee vending sector with bespoke product UI and excellent user experience

The challenge

Create a innovative custom vending machine interface with bespoke animation.

The outcome

A unique, entertaining and innovative interface experience when ordering quality coffee.

Bespoke photography

We chose colour backgrounds and a 'flat lay' style of photography to give the interface a contemporary look and feel.


A series of animations illustrated the machine’s internal work flow and the drink being prepared.

Mobile device

Drink preparation

We have precisely timed these animations to coincide with the pour sequences of the machine, its noises, and physical output.

Mobile device

Iconographic treatment

We created bespoke iconography to complement and elevate the UI and animations.

Excellent UI design

A minimalist, pastel colour palette was chosen to complement the earthy tones of the product photography. Matched with a hand-rendered typographic style, these combined to create a contemporary artisanal feel to the UI.

“Having commissioned Screenmedia on other projects in the past, we chose to return to them for our Halo coffee vending machine. They were prepared to take a proactive approach that combined our coffee expertise with their experience in UX, contemporary graphic design, and animation. Screenmedia had an intuitive understanding of what we were looking for and worked effectively and professionally as part of a team of local and national project development partners.”
Cristy Hardgrieves

Halo Project Manager


Combined with the hardware designed by Filament PD, our solution delivers an entertaining and informative experience when ordering quality coffee. Matthew Algie is now undergoing trials with clients and the company has secured several partners, including M&S and Morrisons.

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