Honeywell Aerospace

An interactive sales and marketing tool supporting Honeywell Aerospace’s expansion in high-growth global markets

The challenge

Reimagine Honeywell’s existing interactive resource built using outdated Flash technologies.

The outcome

A modern, robust and beautifully designed sales and marketing tool that supports Honeywell’s expansion into high-growth global markets.

Cross-device scaling

Intended to be displayed on touch screen televisions and laptops in airports and at industry events, we designed the tool to scale seamlessly from widescreen television to iPad.

Pixel perfect UI design

Our goal was to deliver a UI that was clean, modern, easy to use, and brand compliant. The touch-oriented UI delivered over and above the requirements, and featured a flexible menu system to handle responsive scaling across all required device types.

Immersive 3D animation

To bring the interactive tool to life we developed a set of 3D airport animations that explored multiple aspects of the air traffic management (ATM) ecosystem including the terminal, arrivals, departures, and airside.


Our solution was designed for growth on the flexible and scalable Umbraco CMS.

The new intelligent airport interactive tool is underpinned by the future-proof Umbraco CMS that will allow Honeywell Aerospace to easily maintain the tool’s content in the future.

The interactive tool integrates with Marketo for handling lead generation and inbound enquiries, and can be run offline by the client in situations where internet is unavailable or unreliable.


The interactive tool showcases Honeywell Aerospace’s technologies across the ATM ecosystem across multiple devices, and increases the volume of inbound enquiries and requests for information by prospective customers.

Since completion, Honeywell Aerospace have successfully used the interactive to demonstrate Honeywell’s extensive technology offering across the globe to extremely positive feedback. The project has also extended our existing relationship with Honeywell International Inc, diversifying and expanding our innovation partnership that has included work such as the TCC system and the UK’s first smart home Action for Google Home.

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