Arnold Clark

A mile tracker and mileage app that reduces fuel use, lowers emissions, and improves legal compliance

Arnold Clark

The challenge

Digitise existing offline methods of data capture to make the capture and tracking of journey data easier, more accurate, and more enjoyable.

The outcome

A highly praised and award-winning application that offers business customers a straightforward, simple and easy to use mechanism for legal compliance.

Awards and recognition

Herald digital business award

Contemporary design

Our team developed a highly contemporary, accessible and easy to use app complete with a light, customer-centric interface. The overall look and feel and UI animations gave users an open, engaging brand experience.

Mobile device

GPS Tracking

Log journeys using the GPS tracker. Once a journey is logged it can be submitted directly to the database.

Car Management

Search for cars in the ACVM database and log journeys when travelling on business or using rental vehicles.

Journey History

View old journeys and re-submit journeys submitted in areas where internet connection is poor.

Map Data

View interactive map showcasing your chosen route on any given journey.


The app was developed to be native across iOS and Android with no compromise on UI fidelity and UX performance.

Building with Xamarin meant that the app’s core business logic layer could be maintained as a single entity, which reduced both up front development and ongoing maintenance costs.

“With no hardware to install, Screenmedia have made it easier than ever for our customers to track mileage accurately, reduce fuel use, and lower emissions.”
Jim Blair

Operations Manager


Arnold Clark have not only successfully innovated around a fundamental business requirement, but now offer their business customers a straightforward, simple and easy to use mechanism for legal compliance.

The app's successes in solving the inconsistencies and inaccuracies around journey data submission have been great, with the HRMC themselves commending Arnold Clark for their development in this space. Customer feedback has also been highly favourable, with the app receiving praise for its clean interface and ease of use.

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