UX design

We translate your user needs and business goals into meaningful and impactful interactions

User research

We use best practice techniques to give you a comprehensive understanding of your users' behaviours, motivations and challenges, and to reveal opportunities to help deliver a solution with useful, usable and desirable user experience.

UX strategy

We work with you to identify key interactions, highlight user insights, and illustrate improvement opportunities to refine the focus of your team and other areas of your business.

Information architecture

Our expertise in UX and development means every project comes with a well thought-out IA to reduce usability and navigation issues, giving your product an efficient foundation for a successful user experience.

Wireframes and prototypes

Wireframes and prototypes allow us to communicate ideas visually and test user experience to explore the structure, content and functionality of your future product, and to test the outcome of design decisions.

User testing

We verify the usability and desirability of your product through a variety of testing methods to ensure we learn valuable insights from your users. This informs the design process and ensures your solution is intuitive and delightful to use.

The outcome of UX design

UX design ensures a successful project outcome by putting your users at the centre of the entire process. From research to testing, every decision is informed by user behaviour and expectation, resulting in a designed solution which solves your problem and provides a high quality experience for your users to accomplish their goals.

  • Defining the problem you aim to solve
  • Uncovering the motivations and behaviours of your users
  • Identifying opportunities to add value
  • Revealing constraints
  • Determining feasibility
  • Outlining success and how to measure it
  • Creating a shared vision between your project team, your wider stakeholders and Screenmedia

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