Beautiful cross-platform apps with Flutter

We deliver creative and scalable apps for iOS and Android more quickly using Flutter.

Flutter, the performance of native apps with the speed of cross-platform development

We deliver rich and engaging native apps for iOS and Android using Google’s latest cross-platform programming framework, Flutter.

Through shared code and rich development tools Flutter allows us to build apps faster and with less code than other technologies. Using Flutter we provide our clients with bespoke, high performing, dynamic apps but with a lower development and support cost.

Some of the biggest brands are turning to Flutter for their consumer apps with the confidence of a Google backed product which is supported by an ever-growing, global community of contributors. It’s app development Jim but not as we know it.

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Speed and cost efficiency

By developing using a shared code base, we’re able to reduce costs and development time, as well as reduce the amount of issues during development.

Pixel perfect UI

All our apps are designed to be intuitive, functional, and engaging with our pixel perfect UI standards.

Cross Skilled Team

Having one synchronised, cross skilled team means that we can efficiently deliver significantly more features within your budget.

Scalable to your needs

We develop apps for some of the biggest audiences in the world and can use our experience to help you find the most effective solution for your project.

Supporting you with mobile DevOps

Experts in Azure DevOps support and integrations, we can automate your build system to avoid costly and time-consuming rebuilding of apps.

Expert integrations

Our expertise in UX, design, integrations, API and web development, voice technologies and beyond means we can ensure a truly integrated solution.


Through consultancy we work with clients to complement their existing in-house skills and give them the tools to maintain and expand the apps we develop together.

Commitment to innovation and community

We continuously look for ways to enhance our clients’ apps, like ARKit and ARCore for augmented reality, and we’re active contributors to the Flutter development communities.

Screenmedia, your industry leading development partner

We're proud to be among the first to offer Flutter development in the UK.

Screenmedia has led in the development of consumer and enterprise apps for over 12 years. As one of the first Flutter service development teams in the UK we are excited to bring this revolutionary technology to our clients, allowing them to build faster and deliver more to their users.

We're trusted by some of the biggest organisations to provide guidance, training and support to their teams and by choosing Screenmedia as your mobile app development partner you will gain the expertise and experience needed to deliver your goals and delight your users.

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