Design Sprints

Ideate, test, and validate a concept with your customers in under a week, informing your future decisions and priorities

Rapid results

The agile nature and carefully designed structure of the process encourages innovation and increases your team's productivity, allowing you to achieve outcomes much faster than using traditional methods.

Reduced risk

Completing the Design Sprint in less than one working week, you’ll evaluate your ideas quickly with relatively light investment, and lower your risk of losing time and money by avoiding uncertainty.


Uniting key people, sharing their knowledge, and solving the problem in a dedicated setting creates a well-informed solution supported by a dynamic team.

Diminish politics

The structured framework helps democratise team decision making by focusing on facts and evidence from customers over assumptions and opinions of team members.

Validated solutions

By involving users from the beginning and witnessing their reactions to your idea, you’ll gather evidence to make informed decisions about your project solution and assess its potential for success.

Project direction

Dedicating time to defining your challenge and testing your ideas early will ensure your project is addressing the right problem and that your solution is viable, allowing you to confidently plan your next steps.

Who's involved in a Design Sprint?

Design Sprints succeed when you're able to draw on the insight, experience and perspectives of a multidisciplinary team, deep expert support, and your end users.

Design sprint team

We provide a facilitator and work with you to identify the Decider, someone from your organisation who will have the final say in all decisions made during the process, and the right combination of people needed to deliver a successful Design Sprint. These roles are likely to include a UI Designer, Developer, Product Manager, User Expert, and Marketing Expert.

Additional experts

Further expertise may be required to accurately define the problem. These experts will be invited to share their knowledge with the sprint team during the first stage of the process, ensuring all necessary information informs the solution without interfering with the small team setup.


An understanding of your users, as well as access to them for the testing stage, is critical to evaluating your solution. Users will be discussed in the first stage of the process to inform ideas and solutions, then the final stage as participants for testing your chosen solution. Five is an ideal number of users to include in testing.

Design sprint team

Additional experts


How it works

We assemble a multidisciplinary team, made up of people from both us and you, to collaborate for five days.

The outcome of a Design Sprint

Determining the validity of your idea through a Design Sprint lets you progress with confidence, save time and expense, and enhance your project’s potential. At the end of the Design Sprint, you’ll have:

  • The knowledge to make an informed decision about your next steps and the direction of your project to maximise success
  • Evaluated your solution with your users and gathered evidence of their reactions and feedback to ensure a user-centred outcome
  • Aligned your team thinking by solving your identified problem and focusing on the solution together
  • Captured the entire process, providing you with documents and artefacts for future reference

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