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What Does AR Mean For Your Business?

With the recent release of ARKit and ARCore, immersive augmented reality is sure to come to the masses. How can enterprises take advantage of it?

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Beyond Alexa Donations: How Charities Can Take Advantage of Voice Assistants

As Amazon Pay makes its way to the UK, charities and healthcare organisations are beginning to explore the opportunities that voice assistants afford.

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Driverless Cars: How Do We Spend Our Time If We Don’t Need To Drive?

With the promise of autonomous vehicles growing, businesses are beginning to explore how to tap into the extra time passengers could have during the daily commute.

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How Technology and Innovation Are Changing Creative Processes

Technological progress has long affected the creative process, but could technology replace certain creative functions altogether?

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Where Can Voice Make The Biggest Impact?

Understanding where voice has been the most successful is key to delivering engaging, memorable, and beneficial voice experiences to your users.

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The Creative Concept: Where Do Great Ideas and Solutions Come From?

Discover how Screenmedia go about their ideation process and what it takes to turn a blank page into an award-winning idea.

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Alexa Skill Development: A Developer’s Perspective on Voice Skill Certification

What does it take to get a voice skill or action certified?

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How to Polish Your Voice Skills with SSML on Alexa and Google Assistant

Bring your voice skill to life and make it stand out with Speech Synthesis Markup Language.

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The Future of Online Shopping: How Chatbots, AR, and Voice Are Disrupting Ecommerce

As emerging technologies gain mainstream recognition, retail businesses must learn to embrace new technologies if they want to keep their competitive edge.

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11 Tips for Testing Alexa and Google Voice Skills

What’s different in testing a voice project, and how can you make it go smoothly?

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Alexa for Business: Where will Alexa go next?

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is on course to dominate the home. Having set their sights on the car and the office next, where else will Alexa go?

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What Enterprise Businesses Can Learn From Healthcare’s AI

As more and more industries adopt AI into their technology ecosystem, it's becoming increasingly important for enterprise companies to consider how AI can best be implemented. Healthcare’s history with the technology may indicate how AI can streamline process and improve efficiency on a large scale, irrespective of industry.

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Anticipatory Design: How Technology Can Predict Our Actions

A growing number of our everyday tasks no longer need our human input. How has this happened, and what’s still to come?

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Where Do Chatbots Fit Into Your Mobile Strategy?

As the boom of the app era starts to die down, the search for a new platform becomes evermore important. Could chatbots be the next logical step?

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Will Voice Interaction Become Ubiquitous in 2018?

Smart speakers broke into mainstream consciousness in 2017. With voice interaction picking up steam, will 2018 be the year it starts to take over?

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Cross-Channel UX: Public Transport

Our personal experience of a service moves across both online services and real-life physical experiences, so too should our design thinking.

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AI Assistants: What's Next for Conversational UI?

Why Conversational User Interfaces aren’t actually very good at having a conversation yet, and what we can do to get them there.

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Amazon Echo vs Google Home

Alexa, Google: everybody now has their favourite, but why are people drawn to one or the other?

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Alexa Skill Development: Understanding Intents, Utterances, and Slots

The need-to-know vocab of voice

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5 Ways To Design Better Healthcare Systems

Why believe the root of many problems in our healthcare industries lies in design. How can we improve them?

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Is It Time To Evolve Beyond Design Thinking?

As products and services become more complex, how can we evolve design thinking to meet the challenge of designing these new systems well?

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Why We Need Better Enterprise UX

Enterprise UX has lagged behind consumer software in delivering a good user experience, but why has it been so slow to catch up, and what’s changing?

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Conversational AI: What’s the Point of Chatbots?

What role should conversational AIs play in the future, and how will we interact with them?

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