A new app to engage pension members with retirement planning.

The client

The People’s Partnership is a not-for-profit workplace pension provider which has a heritage dating back more than 80 years. They provide auto-enrollment pensions to over 6 million workers in the United Kingdom through their flagship People’s Pension, and manage one of the largest master trust pensions in the country.

The challenge

Since the introduction of auto-enrollment workplace pensions, public interest, understanding, and engagement with pensions has steadily increased. Using their strong market presence as a foundation, The People’s Partnership sought to boost the service they offer to their members by introducing an app to enhance their digital offering.

The solution

Working together with The People’s Partnership, we created a slick, consumer-grade app to help users engage with their pension and plan for their retirement. Launched in the spring of 2024, the app lets users keep on top of their pension, supported by a range of interactive tools and educational content. Read on to find out how we brought the brand’s vision to reality.

From prototype to production

We collaborated with The People’s Partnership to craft a prototype that brought the vision to life and unified the brand’s mobile strategy. We then progressed into the development of a market-ready consumer app. This was built in Flutter to offer a high-fidelity experience across both Apple and Android while only requiring a single codebase to maintain. With B2C authentication and robust, multi-layer security built in from the outset, the app offers a slick and secure sign-in experience for members, while a custom install of the open-source Umbraco CMS allows The People’s Partnership to easily add and update content within the app.

Bringing the brand to mobile

The People’s Partnership had undergone a recent rebrand, introducing a rich and engaging brand concept. Working within their established brand guidelines, our design team adapted the brand for the digital space, producing a rich, mobile-native experience that pushed the brand into new areas, and provided The People’s Partnership with greater guidance and flexibility in executing on their guidelines in the digital space.

Boosting pension engagement

The app lets members view their current and projected pension balances, project required investments based on expected lifestyle, and estimate how much they will need for retirement, all in a clear, easy-to-use, and simple way, fitting the brand’s values and personality. They can also see transactions on their account, and view how their pension investment is split between funds. The financial wellbeing hub within the app includes rich media content to help users understand their pension, as well as interactive tools to help plan retirement scenarios, and a support centre, all secured by biometric login.


The app launched in May 2024 and was well received. The new app greatly enhances the customer experience through a streamlined signup process, and a more accessible, engaging way to keep on top of pensions. It also introduces new opportunities for The People’s Pension to articulate their brand personality, engage members through new content, and continue to build their member base. We continue to work with The People’s Partnership on their broader digital strategy, and planning the next steps in delivering an engaging and informative mobile experience to their customers.

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