Elevating centre:mk's digital storefront to an engaging and elegant experience.

The client

Located in the heart of Milton Keynes, centre:mk is one of the UK's premier shopping destinations. Opened in 1979, it has grown to become one of the largest indoor shopping centres in the country, spanning 1.3 million square feet with over 200 stores and restaurants. Renowned for its vast selection of brands and services under one roof, centre:mk continuously evolves to offer the best retail and leisure experience to its visitors, making it a true landmark in modern shopping and community engagement.

The challenge

To elevate the brand's online experience to reflect the same premium experience of visiting the centre in person.

The solution

A revamped website which marries easy-to-use navigation with a premium aesthetic to craft a new and compelling digital experience, setting the stage for a style journey that beckons customers to explore and connect.

Setting foundations for ambition

centre:mk wanted to reinvigorate their online presence to affirm their position as a premier retail and leisure location amid an increasingly competitive landscape. To understand the standards they were striving for, we visited their flagship centre to get an appreciation of the built environment, and how their existing branding played out in the physical space.

From this we composed moodboards and references from both peers and competitors, both nationally and internationally, through a collaborative feedback process with centre:mk to ensure we were executing on their vision, and highlighting all key aspects they sought to amplify. This aim was the cornerstone of the wider digital strategy, guiding every decision towards creating a digital environment where convenience meets style.

Elevating the brand identity

We developed clickable prototypes for both desktop and mobile during the design phase to allow for user testing. These prototypes scored very highly and were well received by centre:mk's target audiences, giving the brand confidence in our approach, and allowing for a refined user experience.

Through deliberate enhancements in design and messaging, we aimed to invite potential visitors into a world where shopping is an experience, blending seamlessly with elements of leisure and entertainment.

Illuminating the offerings

Beyond carefully considered visuals, we also implemented technical heft to make the site an enjoyable and useful experience for users. Built on open-source CMS Umbraco, the site features a range of indexes for easy navigation, and content controls that give centre:mk the flexibility needed to both clearly catalogue their offering and inspire their audiences. The site also integrates with marketing and CRM solutions to support centre:mk's commercial goals and drive site visits.


Following the launch of the reinvigorated site, centre:mk's online experience positions it well amid its competition and sets a strong benchmark for usability and style. We continue to work with the brand in developing their digital strategy, and ensuring it keeps pace with its audiences' evolving demands.

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