Helping Britvic go 'Beyond the Bottle' with an innovative out-of-home hydration offering.

The client

Britvic's Aqua Libra is a cutting-edge brand in the beverage industry, dedicated to crafting refreshing and flavourful sparkling water infused with natural botanicals. With a focus on delivering a premium, healthy, and sustainable alternative to sugary drinks, Aqua Libra is committed to providing a taste experience that invigorates the senses while promoting hydration and wellness.

The challenge

Introduce a fresh, new concept to out-of-home hydration to lead the market and move towards a more sustainable landscape.

The solution

An innovative and exciting new offering, providing a better choice to consumers, better returns for business, and a better approach to the environment.


Food and drink

Thinking 'Beyond the Bottle'

Britvic, in its mission to make Aqua Libra theworld’s most sustainable water brand, identified a distinct market need for anew approach to out-of-home hydration that resonated with the changing demandsof the modern workplace. Britvic recognised that an average workplace consumes23,000 single-use bottles per year, despite the fact that the majority ofpeople own a reusable water bottle. They sought to drive the change away fromsingle-use plastics to reduce carbon emissions, packaging use and disposal, wateruse, energy consumption, and refrigerated storage needs, all within a singlesolution.

Britvic saw an opportunity to leverage itsexisting Aqua Libra brand, but elevate their offering above the rest of themarket with an innovative new solution that met multiple user demands within asingle service offering.

Working closely and moving quickly

We worked closely with Britvic throughiterative phases of prototype development, keeping teams small and agile tomove quickly. Over a period of 6-8 weeks, Brtivic arrived at a ‘string andsellotape’ prototype to test with a friendly customer, whose learnings fed newiteration cycles.

Britvic knew the consumer experience was key,and we worked closely with them to bring the concept to life through rich,vivid design, and digital interfaces. Working together, consumer flows wereconcepted, prototyped, and trialed with customers.  

The rapid prototyping approach ensured thatcustomer feedback was sought at every stage, allowing the team to test andvalidate potential product and design approaches quickly, and pivot to maintaina development direction which was closely aligned with market and consumersentiment.

Meeting consumer and commercial needs

The new Aqua Libra Flavour Tap dispensesfiltered water, but what elevates Aqua Libra above the rest of the market isnot only offering a choice of still and sparkling water, but a range of naturalflavours and functional infusions. This is achieved by an innovativemicro-dosing solution which utilises a set of six flavour cartridges, which thetap can combine to offer up different flavours to consumers, as well as theoption to add electrolytes to their drink.

The tap can be installed as a standalone unit,just like a coffee machine, or integrated into an existing countertop at acustomer’s premises. While primarily aimed at workplaces, it can also beinstalled for use by the public. The device comes with an integratedtouchscreen to allow users to select their drink and learn about the packagingsaved.

The taps are also fitted with Internet ofThings (IoT) functionality to provide real-time telemetry to both Britvic andthe customer. For businesses, a web management portal is included within theservice to allow them to track the usage of the taps within their estate, orderreplacement supplies, such as flavour cartridges or CO2, and evidence theimpact they have had in reducing the need for single use plastics.


The product received very positive feedbackfrom customers and consumers. Each flavour cartridge provides up to 2,000serves, with an average tap eliminating the need for 800 pieces of single-usepackaging per week. The flavours offered contain no preservatives, sugars, orcalories, and tap into increasing consumer demand for greater variety andconvenience in healthy hydration choices when out of the home.

Encouraged by the initial, immediate successof the product, Britvic and Screenmedia have continued to iterate on theconcept, adding the ability for consumers to add functional options such aselectrolytes to their drinks, as well as refining the look and feel of both theproduct and the design to keep up with changing customer and consumerpreferences and demands. Additionally, through a partnership with Ocean BottleCo, every flavour dispense funds the collection of 2 pieces of ocean plasticwith the equivalent of over 300,000 plastic bottles collected so far.

The product is also proving commerciallyattractive, with a per-unit cost less than half that of packaged drinks, andeven lower than premium bean-to-cup coffee offerings.

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