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Lauren's story

At Screenmedia, you ‘scream if you want to go faster’ – if you’re ready to knuckle down, there’s no limit to where this company will take you.

Graduated in 2013 from the University of Glasgow

Lauren's Story

Lauren joined us in 2013 as a Digital Planner, having recently graduated from the University of Glasgow.

When you graduated what were you looking for in your first role?

The most important thing to me when I started looking for a job was finding a company who would value me and encourage me to grow – all too often graduates are taken for a bit of a ride by companies who underpay them for doing really uninteresting jobs. I was also looking for somewhere which would open doors for me and let me expand into area which I hadn’t ever considered when I was at university – my degree is in medieval English and Scottish literature, so suffice to say I had very limited digital experience when I graduated!

What were your first impressions of Screenmedia?

I remember looking through the website and thinking the studio looked so cool! Everyone looked so friendly, and after some sleuthing around my friends already working in agencies I heard nothing but good things about the company and the quality of their work. I was also really impressed with Screenmedia’s client list and the calibre of big blue chip names they had on their roster.

What do you do at Screenmedia?

Too many things to count! As a Producer, the majority of my day is spent working on projects and managing the project team to get stuff done. I check in with the team to make sure they have what they need, schedule time with production to make sure the appropriate resource is booked, and I take a lead role in creatively and functionally planning my projects. The other end of that is testing and quality assurance, which I’ll do at points throughout the project to make sure everything is going as planned and is to standard.

What’s a typical day at Screenmedia like for you?

I start my day with my project stand ups. If there are small or internal projects on the go I’ll do that at the breakfast bar and have a quick 5 minute chat with whoever’s involved. After that I’ll hold the formal stand ups, which happen around projects with bigger teams. That’s where I can get a status update from team members and gather requirements if they need anything from me in order to complete their work.

After that, I’m back at my desk and working on project work, which can be anything from web planning, to content writing, to a client workshop. At lunch I usually catch up on industry blogs and the news. If any of my teams are on deadlines, I’ll typically check in just after lunch to make sure everything’s ok and there’s no issues.

In the afternoon I’m back on project work. At the end of the day I’ll clear and organise my inbox, write up my progress report, and I’m out the door to run for the train!

What advice would you give to graduates applying for a career at Screenmedia?

Don’t just apply with a bog standard CV and cover letter – think outside the box to make yourself stand out. I build myself a website to market myself to potential employers. If you’re really hungry for a job that will push you and accelerate your career, you have to prove it by doing something out of the ordinary.

What kinds of training have you experienced at Screenmedia?

Most of my training has come in the form of mentorship from more senior people in the company. I’ve also been really encouraged to take control of my own CPD – so I’ve done things like analytics courses in mobile apps and a Design Thinking course developed by IDEO.

What’s your favourite thing about working here?

The people I work with, and having the opportunity to work on projects which force me to flex my muscles in creative and analytical thinking at the same time.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned here?

That it’s ok not to get something right the first time. Collaboration and teamwork aren’t about getting something right by yourself, but opening up imperfect work to other people and letting them help you get it to 100%.

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