Our approach

Over the years we have developed four foundational ways of working which underpin everything we do­

Daisy model

In the daisy model, our studio is organised into project teams instead of departments.

Everyone in Screenmedia has the authority to make decisions and steer the company towards opportunity. This lets our teams work more efficiently and learn new things, resulting in superior products for our clients.

Design thinking

Design thinking is a cross-team methodology for innovation.

Design thinking allows our teams to think laterally and use our contrasting viewpoints to create better products.

For our clients, this means that we can transform insights into innovation that drives measurable and sustainable business growth.

Agile development

Working agile offers our clients greater flexibility and increases the speed at which they can release products to market.

Our agile methodologies allow for iteration and improvement around user insights throughout the project life cycle; resulting in higher quality, more user-centred products.


Each year we reinvest 20% of our profits into R&D so our team stays ahead of the curve.

Over the years our investment in R&D has led us to create our own mobile app, become one of the first UK development teams to use Xamarin. Today we are developing for emerging technologies such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

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