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Gordon Langford

Technical Director (Mobile)

Gordon is one of Europe’s foremost Xamarin developers and consultants. At Screenmedia he leads a specialist team of mobile developers and directs our best practice in mobile architecture and modular development. His focus on developing our Xamarin capabilities, including MVVM Cross and Xamarin forms, has meant that Screenmedia now has one of the largest and most experienced independent Xamarin teams in the UK.

As a developer Gordon offers our clients an amazing array of development skills including C++, C#, Java, Objective C and Actionscript. While Gordon is well-known in our industry for his technical expertise, he is also a well-rounded and experienced leader who helps some of our largest clients to build and upskill inhouse teams, define mobile strategy, increase development velocity, and future-proof solutions. Gordon’s wide skillset and deep expertise has seen him consult with Microsoft enterprise clients all over Europe.

Since joining Screenmedia in January 2011 as our Head of Mobile, Gordon has progressed to Mobile Director and presently sits on the Company’s Board.

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