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A truly pioneering digital exhibition for TATE Modern celebrating a fascinating series of lost artwork.

The Gallery of Lost Art

The Gallery of Lost Art for TATE Modern was an immersive online exhibition telling the stories of artworks that have been lost over the last century.

The gallery alllowed users to enter a large warehouse comprising of several tables featuring over 40 artists, including figures such as Marcel Duchamp, Joan Miró, and Tracey Emin. The tables were grouped into themes such as stolen, destroyed, rejected, and unrealised. On each table were photographs, newspaper cuttings, letters, images and films which revealed the last traces of lost works for users to explore.

Screenmedia worked with ISO Design to develop the user experience journey throughout. Our development team programmed the functionality using a combination of Flash, JavaScript, XML, C#, and .NET with an Umbraco CMS underpinning site maintenance and content updates.

Why Flash? Handling rich-media would be too much for JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 when targeting a broad spectrum of desktop browsers. Our team have been programming in Flash and .NET for 10+ years, but this far surpassed anything we'd done before in its complexity, and we were very proud of the end results. In 2013, the quality of this project was recognised with an Interactive Art Award at SXSW.

Final Designs

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