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Sprint GPS App

Our very own 5 star GPS fitness tracking app for walking, running and cycling.

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Digital Technology Awards 2011

SprintGPS Fitness Tracking

SprintGPS Fitness Tracking is a fully featured iPhone app which uses the best capabilities of the iPhone to GPS track outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and walking, and provides users with detailed stats on performance and progress. Our first foray into mobile product development, the hugely successful SprintGPS launched in May 2009.

The app maintained a top 10 position in the App Store Health & Fitness category and represented a top grossing app in 91 countries worldwide. It was later sold to US fitness company Peaksware who were looking to enter the mobile fitness market and were attracted to “SprintGPS's world-class design and user interface” (Gear Fisher, CEO & co-founder of Peaksware).

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