Say Hello to Our New UX & Design Director Posted by: Andrew on 25/11/2016


This month we welcomed our new UX & Design Director Elaine to the Screenmedia studios. 

With 15 years experience in the industry, she is a skilled hand and respected voice when it comes to UX having been invited to write for industry publications such as UXBooth. A Glasgow native, Elaine has spent the last four and a half years in London, working on projects for global companies in a range of industries as well as heading up the Design and UX department at Quidco.

Today we caught up with her for a quick interview before she gets stuck into some exciting projects.

In 140 characters, what exactly do you do?

My job is basically problem solving. Looking at a client objectives and working out the best way to meet them that engages their customers.

Previous experience...

6 years’ client-side experience as a designer, 5 years at a full service digital agency, 3 years at a UX consultancy, and 1.5 years’ product-side as the Head of Design and UX at Quidco.

Why Screenmedia?

I love the principles of Screenmedia. They have strong ethics that dictate the type of work they do, the quality of that work, and there is a real desire to keep moving forward; to be at the cutting edge of design, innovation, and technology.

Oddest job…

Putting little sticky cushions in mobile phone cases while working in a plastics factory. I still have a bump on one of my fingers from that!

On the nightstand…

Water, mobile phone, kindle.

In my spare time I like…

What spare time? I have a little boy who’s 2 who takes up most of my time outside of work, but when I get the chance I’m working on building a mobile app. I’m also a bit of a gamer, an occasional knitter, and eventually I’ll get back to boxing (incredibly effective stress relief).

Favourite tune on the office Sonos…

Hmm, not a specific tune, but I do enjoy when we go through a 90s phase!

Weirdest fact about me…

I have a squinty curved spine. Makes me walk a little weirdly and means half my body is more muscled than the other half.

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