Work Experience at Screenmedia – Q&A Posted by: Derek on 30/07/2015

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At Screenmedia, we wholeheartedly believe in nurturing Scotland’s young digital talent. So, when David came to us looking for a glimpse into the inner working of our studio, we were more than happy to welcome him into the ‘Meeja family with open arms.

Over the two weeks he was with us, David was thrown into the deep end of everything digital and, we’re pleased to report, rose to the surface with aplomb. Before he left for his holidays, we caught up with David to reflect on his time here in out Merchant City studio.

Hi David! First things first, what are you studying at the moment?

I’m currently in high school. In June I finished my 5th year – I’ll be going back in August for my 6th.

How did the chance to spend 2 weeks at Screenmedia come about?

A relative actually told me about Screenmedia, and suggested I should take a look. After reading through the website I was totally sold, and sent in my CV and a cover letter explaining why I really wanted to work here. A few emails later, and here I am!

Was it what you expected from a digital agency? What did you expect?

I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest – I thought it might be like sitting on the Starship Enterprise with fancy chairs. But my time here has exceeded any and all expectations I had. I’ve learned so much, and it’s been really cool to work with such friendly and enthusiastic people.

You flatter us! What’s surprised you most about working here?

How much fun you guys have! The atmosphere in the studio is always focused, but at the same time it’s really relaxed and there’s always good music on the Sonos. I thought it would be a lot stricter.

What have you been working on while you’ve been here?

I’ve been working on a lot of things while I’ve been here, but the coolest thing I’ve made is my own prototype app.

First, I was given a brief to work to and set some time to do customer research. I came up with four ideas for an app, and after review with the design team, chose to explore the idea of an event planning app.

The next stage of the project was planning. With a little more research, I created 3 user personas and defined the app features before moving onto wireframes. After the planning phase was complete, I jumped into Photoshop to design the interface.

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The final phase of the project was prototyping. Using InVision I loaded my prototype onto a mobile device and handed it over for testing and feedback. The feedback I received back from the team was all really helpful – everyone was more than willing to help me make my prototype better.

The best thing about this project was that I was able to work with all the teams in the studio. It gave me a real sense of how project move through the studio, and I got to know everyone much faster.

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Have you enjoyed working here?

Absolutely! Though having gone through the whole process, I definitely think I lean more towards designing and prototyping than I do planning.

How much weight have you gained with all the cake and pizza you’ve consumed in the past 2 weeks?

Loads. I’m going to have the hit the gym for the next few weeks to get beach body ready before I go on holiday!

We know the feeling. Now you’ve experienced life at a digital agency, what do you see yourself doing as a career?

I want to be a graphic designer – I’ve always enjoyed Art in school, but my time here has really solidified this.

Awesome! So David, where will you be in 10 years’ time?

On a yacht I bought after selling off my event planning app! Thanks Screenmedia!

Would you recommend work experience at Screenmedia to others?

Of course! Actually, no. I don’t want anyone else to know about you – that way, there won’t be as much competition when I graduate and am looking for a job!

With a team of some the UK’s foremost leading innovators in digital design and technology, there really is no better place for graduates and young people interested in digital to learn the ropes. If you’re a recent graduate looking to build you career, or a student angling to get a foot in the door, be sure to check back to our careers page to get the latest on opportunities within Screenmedia.

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