We Ran Our First Ever Events Series (And Survived!) Posted by: Sara on 14/05/2015

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Last week we hosted our very first series of events at Screenmedia on the subject of cross platform app development using Xamarin. We’re pleased to report they were a great success!

Our esteemed colleagues Matt Larson and Michael James from Xamarin took a break from unpacking boxes at their new European HQ in London to pop up and visit us here at Screenmedia. During their short visit we managed to squeeze in not one - but two - cross platform mobile events. Check us, right?

Mobile Developers Cross Platform Meetup

On Wednesday evening we hosted a mobile developer meetup at Arta in Glasgow where we bonded over a beer, a burger and a shared love for .NET whilst listening to some interesting Xamarin insights.

Michael from Xamarin introduced the Scottish mobile scene to the difference between developing apps via the classic Xamarin method and developing them with Xamarin forms. He also got us all excited about the new Xamarin Test Cloud service, a freely available testing framework that enables you to test your application on thousands of physical devices stored in a cloud in Amsterdam. If you’ve ever been tasked with the headache of cross platform app testing, you’ll appreciate how exciting this release is to the mobile community. And the best bit is you don’t even need to build your app in Xamarin to use Testcloud; it’s available for apps coded in Objective C and Java, as well as hybrid solutions.

Xamarin Lunch and Learn

On Thursday, we introduced the Xamarin method for Native app development to some of our clients and network over lunch at the CitizenM hotel. Matt talked our audience through the various methods for cross platform app development before sharing compelling reasons why building apps natively with Xamarin gives you all of the performance and integration of apps are coded in native languages such as Objective C and Java, but with the economies of shared business logic and coding in C#.

After listening to his rationale and the undisputed benefits of this method of enterprise app development we were all the more proud to follow him with a short presentation sharing our own experience at Screenmedia over the past two years using the Xamarin framework for the Total Connect Comfort App.

It was great having the team from Xamarin share the studio with us for a few days and brilliant introducing them to some of our clients who understand the challenges of making their products work well and consistently across platforms. There were certainly some interesting thought pieces shared during both events, and Matt and Michael left our bonnie banks with a real appreciation of how passionate and talented our mobile development community is here in Scotland.

Over the remainder of 2015 we hope to run more events like these, so if you have any suggestions about events that you would like to see appear in our events programme please get in touch. Now that we’ve gotten over our initial fear and nerves in presenting we’re on a mission to continually improve – look out TED speakers, we’re coming for you!

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