Screenmedia Summer Internship Programme Posted by: Lauren on 06/05/2015


We're looking for individuals who are passionate about their career in digital, are eager to roll up their sleeves, and are ready to learn all there is to know about working as part of a successful digital team.

At Screenmedia we’re always focusing on the next big thing, and part of that mission is to scout and nurture the best new talent we can find. So we’re happy to announce that we are once again opening our doors to the country’s best and brightest in the summer of 2015 with our internship programme.

If you want to gain experience working at the frontier of web and mobile development, an internship at Screenmedia will give you access to a crack team of digital innovators with a staggering breadth of knowledge and skills – there’s no place better to learn the ropes.

What we look for

Are you passionate about digital?

There’s one commonality that runs through the DNA of every person who works at Screenmedia; a genuine and unabashed interest in digital technology. Our interest in digital doesn’t just cover the 9 to 5; when we go home we’re still tinkering, building, prototyping, creating, and looking ahead towards the next big thing. We believe in the 10,000 hours principle, which states that it takes that amount of hours of practice to become expert in any given activity. If you’ve clocked up an impressive number of hours in digital on your way to the fabled 10,000, we’d love to hear about it.

Are you an overachiever?

The happiest people in life are those who can achieve success and balance in the workplace, in their studies, and at home. We appreciate people to strive to overachieve in every aspect of their life, and have the accolades and anecdotes to prove it.

Do you make things happen?

We love a budding entrepreneur, but the ability to plan, execute, and deliver on a stellar idea is what separates the Richard Bransons from the Del Boys of this world. So we not only look for people with minds sparking with entrepreneurial ideas – we look for those with the gumption and drive to turn those ideas into reality.

Are you T-shaped?

We value people who are both generalists (with a broad set of very valuable skills – the top of the T) and specialists (leading best practice with a deep knowledge in a narrow specialism – the vertical leg of the T).  T-shaped people not only add to our expertise, but are excellent collaborators and work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams. You’ll do a lot of both at Screenmedia, so if you think you’re T-shaped we want to hear from you.

Do you have the potential to be a table tennis/studio Olympics/go karting champion?

A workplace is only as fun as the people who work there. Everyone at Screenmedia is committed to making the studio a great place to work – we even have our own events committee. We’re looking for young talents who aren’t afraid to let their hair down and challenge their mentor to a winner-takes-all Fifa match or a pizza eating contest (though we won’t be held responsible for any unfortunate consequences!)

We’ll be opening up the application process very soon, so keep an eye on our website and social media channels for application dates in the near future. Good luck! 

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