APPrentices Pitch at Screenmedia Posted by: Sara on 06/06/2014


For the past 3 years Holy Cross High School has run an innovative competition amongst its students to help develop their digital and presentation skills.

Coolly named “The APPrentice”, students are set a brief to develop an idea for an innovative app and prepare a pitch to present to industry professionals.

Of course, they needed a judge and jury, and asked Screenmedia if we might help. After all, is who scarier or more expert in the app industry than Screenmedia’s own Mobile Director, Gordon Langford!

We were delighted to be involved and invited the students to visit the Screenmedia studio to pitch their ideas.

With Gordon in the role of Alan Sugar and his trusted advisor being played by Practice Manager Tara Willersdorf, they were keen to hear the student’s app ideas and why they thought it could be the next big thing.

Two teams pitched their ideas, commencing with a formal presentation followed by a dramatization of the situation in which the app would be used. Both apps were well thought out and addressed gaps in the market. Without giving too much away (we don’t want to be responsible for leaking their unique ideas!) Gordon and Tara were impressed with how their apps were multi-dimensional - implementing features such as social elements, gaming, and e-commerce to give their app that competitive edge.

When assessing the apps, Gordon and Tara considered whether they had unique selling points in addition to their technical and commercial viability. They presented their feedback to the students and gave the students a chance to respond. The students’ response to the feedback and their answers to the judges’ questions showed genuine passion and consideration for their project, highlighting the impressive amount of time and effort they had all put in beforehand.

Then the tables turned, and it was Gordon and Tara’s turn to present! They took the students through the process of developing an app from conception to design and development, using our highly successful SprintGPS fitness app as an example. This was followed by a tour of the studio to see where all the hard work happens. The students were introduced to all the staff and saw some of our current projects, using the opportunity to ask many questions of our designers, developers, planners and project managers.

The visit concluded with students being given time to experiment with our technical goodies including Google Glass, Pebble watch and our multitude of iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Well done to the students who took part, it was a pleasure to hear such professional presentations and unique app ideas – we wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them giving us a run for our money in the not too distant future!

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