Xamarin, The Perfect Cross Platform App Solution Posted by: Alan on 26/03/2014

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Screenmedia are proud to announce that we’ve been accepted as a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, the first fully certified Xamarin partner in Scotland.

It's a title that recognises our high level of experience, skill, and professionalism in both technical execution and project management of Xamarin mobile projects.

We are delighted to be joining such top providers as Microsoft, Bosch, HP, Condé Nast and Halliburton in creating high quality cross-platform apps built using Xamarin.

So what is Xamarin? Xamarin tools allow developers to write code that can run on 2.5 billion devices worldwide and to share that code across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Its reusable structure and unique UI allow developers to create native-looking apps across all these devices, which is far more efficient and budget-friendly than other options currently open to developers.

For many years Screenmedia have been looking for the perfect solution to the cross-platform mobile development problem; to cut the costs of cross-platform mobile projects without compromising on a high quality user interface and user experience.

Xamarin has provided us with the perfect solution - native mobile apps but with a shared codebase – by creating a single business layer shared between custom device-based interfaces. We believe that iOS and Android apps should behave in this way and Xamarin has allowed us to implement this in the apps we create.

Being the first Xamarin Partners in Scotland we believe that Screenmedia’s investment in and experience with Xamarin will allow us to provide cost-effective cross-platform apps for new and existing clients.

To find out more about Xamarin and how it could help you to deliver your app to more devices worldwide, visit the following links:


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