7 Things We Love About Umbraco 7 Posted by: Greg on 17/12/2013

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It’s no secret that here at Screenmedia we love Umbraco, so when they release a new version we get quite excited.

Umbraco 7 has been completely re-designed with a focus on allowing content editors to more easily access the functions they require to quickly manage their site with minimum fuss.

We’ve spent a bit of time playing with Umbraco 7 and already we’re fans. So here are 7 reasons why we love it and why we think you will too…

  1. It’s fast… really fast!

    Much of the focus during development of Umbraco 7 was on optimising the back-office so that content editors spend less time waiting for pages to load and more time editing their content. Whilst Umbraco 6 did much to improve the speed of the back-office, Umbraco 7 takes it to a whole new level – believe us, it’s quick!
  2. It’s cutting edge

    Umbraco 7 is built using the latest server-side technology from Microsoft, ASP.NET 4.5, and the latest open-source client-side framework from Google, AngularJS.
  3. The back-office is responsive

    Now you can finally edit your content on the go using your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Leave that right mouse button alone; Umbraco no longer requires you to use a mouse to edit your content.
  4. It’s got a streamlined codebase

    Umbraco have taken a major step towards code consistency and maintainability by removing old code that is now outdated and obsolete, ensuring that developers are using the most modern methods when building Umbraco sites.
  5. It’s been tested… a lot!

    Version 7 has been beta tested by over 500 developers, designers and content editors. As a result of this, since the beta version was released, Umbraco have implemented 15 new features and 184 bug fixes into the final release of version 7.
  6. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve

    Umbraco aren’t resting on their laurels with version 7, already they’ve identified ways in which they can improve and are hard at work on version 7.1. At the time of writing they’re already 14% complete!
  7. It’s still Umbraco

    With any major version of a product that we all know and love, there’s always the fear that the changes won’t necessarily be for the better, but fear not, behind the fancy new interface, it’s still Umbraco. Everything that makes it great is still there and everything you’ve learned in Umbraco 6 is transferrable to version 7.

With increased speed and usability, upgrading to Umbraco 7 would benefit many Umbraco websites. When considering whether to upgrade, it’s important to analyse whether existing code and packages currently used would be supported by Umbraco 7. With a new back-office design, you may also consider investing in training to get your head around the new design and features.   That being said, the user interface is built to be intuitive and most compatability issues can be solved by a talented programmer.  If you are thinking of upgrading or building a new website in Umbraco, let us know – we’d love to help!

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