Using Umbraco Membership to Add Value For Clients Posted by: Greg on 23/04/2013

Using Umbraco membership to add value for your clients image

Engaging with your audience, whether they are customers, clients or users, is what websites are all about.

A neat design and good SEO will draw users to your website and great content will keep them there but what are the other options to take it up a level with your online users?

Enter Umbraco membership.

The umbraco membership system allows us to easily create a password protected membership area allowing you to create content that is available only to users who have login details. You could offer exclusive content to your existing clients or even setup a forum to allow clients to enter into a discussion with you or your other clients. We have also previously used the Umbraco membership provider to offer users access to exclusive content by filling in their name and email address; the user gets access to a range of great content and the provider gets a readymade newsletter sign up list to use in their marketing campaigns. 

We have said it before but it is worth saying again - Umbraco is so flexible it gives us all the tools we need to provide you with a bespoke system tailored to your needs. So, whether you want to create a ‘client area’ for your website or build an entire intranet for your company, we can help (and so can Umbraco!).

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