uCommerce Feature Set Posted by: Greg on 01/04/2013

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Online retail sales in the UK now account for a huge percentage of the total market share. If you don’t have an online commerce solution then you could be missing out on a significant amount of revenue.

But having an e-commerce solution is only one step to achieving maximum profit from your online presence - choosing the right platform is just as important. You need to ensure that the platform can meet your business’s goals, that it’s flexible enough for you to introduce new goals as your business grows and adapts to the market and also that it's easy to maintain.

Being Umbraco specialists, we were immediately drawn to uCommerce’s impressive feature set that allows you to create unique and powerful online shops that grow with your business.

uCommerce is able to handle pretty much any e-commerce scenario. Some of the features this system offer out of the box are excellent, including:

Native integration with Umbraco

uCommerce is powered by Umbraco which means, if you already have an Umbraco site, you’re already familiar with the basics of the uCommerce platform.

Fully customisable product presentation

Don’t be restricted to a certain way of displaying your products - with uCommerce you have full control over the layout of your shop.

Social commerce

Product ratings, product reviews and comments – enhance your offering with user-generated content.

Multiple payment provider support

Take payment your way – integrate with a service such as Worldpay, SagePay and PayPal, or use a “buy now, pay later” scheme with customer accounts.

Marketing foundation

Target advertisements and offer discounts on products and entire baskets to segments of customers.

Product page friendly URLs 

Increase your search ranking with friendly URLs.

Multi-lingual, multi-currency

Go global, localise your shop and increase revenue.

Mobile friendly

Make your shop responsive and target customers who use their mobile devices to shop.

It’s free!

Get a basic shop off the ground with minimum investment with the free version of uCommerce.

Amongst others, these features make uCommerce a seriously powerful e-commerce solution.

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