Looking For a Future Proof, Licence Free CMS? Posted by: Jon on 03/09/2012

Umbraco CMS Glasgow

Open source? Are we safe with Umbraco? Yes, Umbraco is an open source platform which means that it is license free.

However, the massive community and incredible growth of the system means that we can offer enterprise level support for your website.

Umbraco has powered over 90,000 websites including those of some massive global brands including: Tesco PLC, Wired magazine, Heinz and Take That. The Umbraco community (widely regarded as the friendliest community in the world) is made up of thousands of developers from all around the world who, like us, love making all sorts of websites using Umbraco as a base.

Umbraco has been around since 2004 and since then has grown to be one of the most widely respected .Net based CMS's in the world. The Umbraco core team have just announced a detailed road map for the future of the platform which includes enhancements well into next year.

And because we are certified umbraco 'Ninjas', when you need your website to do something new we can say 'easy'. We love tinkering with Umbraco, you on the other hand will love not tinkering with it. Umbraco is one of the most user friendly CMS' out there, so when you start populating your website you will hit the ground running as most of Umbraco controls will be familiar from your desktop computer. And with features such as spell checker, publish timer (so you can publish content even when you are on holiday) and roll back (for when you want to use a time machine to recover old content), managing your content will be a breeze, leaving you with extra time away from Umbraco.

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