Can Your CMS Manage and Update Across Platforms? Posted by: Kenny S on 18/10/2011

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Most companies maintain and update their website using a Content Management System, but most CMS solutions are presently limited to desktop web.

What about creating and updating mobile websites, microsites and social spaces; can't they be dynamically updated too. And must we use different systems for different platforms?

Clearly not, and that's why we developed Screenmedia Reach™; a CMS solution that updates 5 key digital channels at the touch of a button.

Manage web, mobile and social content from a single platform

Our content management system, Screenmedia Reach™ is designed to make publishing content easy, economic and more coordinated across multiple platforms including web, mobile web, social spaces, and mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Screenmedia Reach powers award winning sites

This tried and tested solution has been developed and rolled out over the past two years for many of our clients, for example:

Central Station

Central Station website won the Umbraco Award for Best Integration in 2011.

Glasgow School of Art

GSA responsive website

The new GSA site holds a massive amount information and aggregates data from a number of sources.


Elament website

A desktop web and mobile website for Elament's audience.

Our content management system can support existing sites too.

We use Screenmedia Reach™ to underpin all the websites and mobile sites or apps we build, but don't worry if you've already got a website or mobile site in place and you just want a more effective content management solution. Screenmedia Reach™ can be set up to underpin all your existing sites.                                                                                                 

A word of advice

We've seen it all on our travels, but our years of experience lead us all to say the same thing - don't use a bespoke system unless you have no choice. Many vendors will try to tie you into a bespoke or proprietary system with an ongoing license fee. These systems are more costly to upgrade and enhance.

The reasons we chose Umbraco are quite simple. It's an open source system, which means you'll never be tied into any one developer. You will never have to pay a yearly or monthly license fee and the underlying tools are being developed all the time, which means that your system will benefit from periodic updates and improvements.

Is it time to change or upgrade your CMS?

There is a lot to think about and if you have any questions or would like to talk any of this over please get in touch, we're always on hand with helpful advice.

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