We've Made Simple Audio Beautifully Simple Posted by: Kenny S on 25/07/2011

Simple Audio Website and Software Design for Desktop and iPhone

We've been working with audio start up firm Simple Audio for the past 9 months, helping to shape and communicate their online proposition.

They are now busy putting the finishing touches to their new range of HD sound systems and the website is now live to view at www.simpleaudio.co.uk - take a look. 

Simple Audio is a new HD sound system that enables you to access your entire digital music collection and experience high definition sound around your home. It's a solution that gets your music off your computer, iPhone, iPad and iPod and when connected to speakers, it will play it back at the highest quality possible.

Simple Audio Website and Software Design for Desktop and iPhone

Simple Audio Roomplayers are the first affordable sound systems to combine HD audio and Homeplug Powerline AV Technology.

In the quest to create a system that is simple to set up, the team worked at creating a unit that would plug into the mains and instantly distribute music, either to a single room, or throughout an entire home. The aim was to remove any set up complexity and make it easier to get to the enjoyable part, playing music. All the complicated stuff has been hidden inside the box.

Graphical user interface design for desktop & handheld devices.

Of course a system like this requires smart software applications. Whilst Simple Audio were building the apps to work seamlessly with their Roomplayers, our team were busy planning and shaping the user experience design and hand crafting the product's graphical user interface.

This was an excellent aspect of the project to be involved in, given how critical the Graphical User Interface is in ensuring that the end user has the best possible, most intuitive experience when organising and playing music from a desktop, mobile phone, music player, tablet or custom controller.

Simple Audio Website and Software Design for Desktop and iPhoneWorking from a truly blank sheet of paper, our challenge was to communicate 'simplicity' across all of Simple Audio touchpoints, not just the web and software UI but content too - copy, diagrams, manuals and quick start guides 

This has been a challenging and rewarding project requiring input from specialists across the entire studio - a real team effort that we're all really proud to have been involved in.

Simple Audio's first product is due for release in Autumn this year.

You can of course keep us up to date on product releases on their new website www.simpleaudio.co.uk.

Stay tuned here, a full case study will be coming soon.

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