Two Awards in Two Weeks Posted by: Kenny S on 24/06/2011

Best New Product - Digital Technology Awards 2011

You know you're having a good fortnight when you pick up two awards - and it feels kinda awesome.

We were at the inaugural Digital Technology Awards at The Arches in Glasgow last night (run by industry body, ScotlandIS) where we won the award for Best New Product or Service for our SprintGPS mobile phone app. There are some great photos of the night from ScotlandIS.

We developed the SprintGPS app in house and it's gone from strength to strength picking up multiple awards, great reviews and high ratings ever since.

Best New Product - Digital Technology Awards 2011

SprintGPS Fitness Tracking app for the iPhone

The app helps walkers, runners and cyclists track their activities and monitor their fitness levels. It measures distance, time, speed, pace, calories and altitude in real-time and includes ghost running, detailed in-app statistics and sharing tools.

The Sunday Times gave it a thorough bench test and rated it 5/5. On the App Store it reached the 'Top 5 'in key territories around the world and more than 80% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars. It won 'Best Use of Mobile Technology at the Herald Digital Business Awards and now this award at the ScotlandIS Digital Technology Awards is just fabulous.

We've had so much activity today on Twitter it's been incredible, from clients and industry friends alike. One thing worth pointing out is the great camaraderie across the Scottish digital industries which is always reinforced at events like this. So in that spirit, we simply must say well done to all the other winners, runners up and participants in last night's awards! Also thanks to ScotlandIS for arranging the event - a great evening.

Check out the photos from ScotlandIS.

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