30 days of Screenmedia Doodles Posted by: Kenny S on 15/04/2011

Doodle of the Day Illustration

If you follow us on Twitter you'll be no stranger to our daily doodles.

We've been posting links to a doodle every day for the past 30 days. Ok, Brian calls them doodles but to the rest of us they're illustrations. Brian is of course our in-house artist and illustrator, and he's wasted no time in getting Project 365 going.

So, this post is here to tell you a bit about the project and to big up Brian who's offered some lovely insight into his inspiration, his techniques and his plans for the next 30 so do read on.

Have you heard about Project 365 yet?

It's still in its early days but we've all signed up to this in-house project that in a wider sense shows our commitment to creativity in all its forms. Over the course of the next year, we'll be looking at ourselves, our environment, our knowledge, our industry and our influences. Then, we be trying to capture and express how we think and feel about things through various forms of design, art, photography, illustration and even music.

A doodle a day...

Doodle a day is just one of our 365 projects. It began with a doodle, and is now up to 30.

Brian likes to spend time drawing every day so it wasn't so hard getting him to apply himself to 365. He's been thinking about technology, gadgets and recent events and has come out with 30 really striking visuals. Here's what he has to say about it:

"I decided straight away to rely on my strengths and do a series of inky drawings containing devices and little people 'desktop doodles' essentially.

The devices were mostly peripherals in and around the studio; laptops, scanners, keyboards. The tiny people I introduced in all the drawings were either using the device, interacting with the device in a normal way or, in some cases, present in quite a surreal manner (elephant, boat, crane etc).

Over the course of the month, my confidence in my technique grew. I played it safe at first with outlines, then introduced solid black and cross hatching as my ideas developed. I'm now really pleased that I have come to the end of the desktop series without exhausting the concept.

I created a larger final 'desktop doodle' for the 30th one:

Doodle of the Day Illustration

It seems that Brian is on a roll now, and besides laying down a challenge for others to start sketching, he's already planning a series of 'Studio Doodles', which will, in his words, 'offer a veritable feast of options and plenty of inspiration'.

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Why not take a look at all Brian's doodles over on Flickr.

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