Sunday Times Votes SprintGPS No.1 in Fitness App Posted by: Kenny S on 14/09/2010

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It's officical - our fitness app SprintGPS is the best of the best in the App Store. We have the credentials to prove it!

We owe a special thanks to The Sunday Times for doing a Bench Test on the top mobile GPS Fitness Tracking apps, and for choosing our own SprintGPS app as being the best on offer.

In their 'InGear' supplement review of smartphone fitness apps we get the full five stars for Cycle Tracker Pro SprintGPS on the iPhone, putting us head & shoulders above our key competition, which includes Runkeeper Pro and Google's free Android app, Google My Tracks.

To quote The Sunday Times, Cycle Tracker Pro is "Simple to use, packed with features - FIVE Stars!"

While the reviewer was impressed by our clear display and intuitive interface, it was our customisable interval training, exhaustive trip reports and our special ghost runner feature that set us apart from the rest.

You can find out more about about SprintGPS Cycle, Walk and Run Pro at or alternatively head straight to iTunes and download your own version now. 

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