Mobile App Sprints to Success Posted by: Kenny S on 04/08/2010

Screenmedia SprintGPS Fitness Tracker

It has only been three months since we launched SprintGPS but already we've broken into the top 20 iTunes app rankings in the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland!

With tens of thousands of 'Sprinties' (our pet name for SprintGPS users) clocking up thousands of miles each week, the forum is really starting to buzz with comments, reviews, improvement ideas and feature suggestion. And while we're used to receiving positive client feedback, never before have we been part of such an evolutionary and real time product development process - and to say it is fun is an understatement.

It warms the cockles to see how enthusiastic  some of Sprint's users get about our app and last week we were stunned and delighted when one particularly avid fan went so far as to take the published product roadmap and turn it into an amazing infographic.

With SprintGPS we are really eating our own dog food and by going through the customer experience ourselves and listening to the feedback we receive our users are helping us to improve the quality and usability of the product, which will be of benefit to all our future clients. So, thank you Sprinties! Keep up the good work.

Watch this space for SprintGPS updates coming soon.

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