Screenmedia Launches SprintGPS App Posted by: Kenny S on 15/04/2010

Screenmedia SprintGPS Fitness Tracker

After 6 months of intense development, the team of 'Brainiacs' at Screenmedia have officially launched the screenmedia mobile website with the unveiling of the awesome new app - SprintGPS Fitness Tracking.

We have just released the app' to iTunes, and we are thrilled to be launching exclusively to the New Zealand market today and we'll be launching worldwide in 2 weeks.

The iPhone is so well suited to outdoor fitness tracking we just had to build this app'. The SprintGPS app tracks your route, time, speed, calories burned and much more.

The launch of SprintGPS marks our first app' development alongwith the evolution and expansion of our business. With our first iPod Touch app being delivered to the National Library of Scotland today and our first iPad commission realised, we're going to be very busy people.

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